Your Stories

Several people contact this website to tell me about their journey.  I have, with kind permission of the authors, published those stories below for others to read.

Please note that the following articles have been submitted for publication with kind permission of the authors and the copyright is owned by this website.  You may find some of the content triggering so please ensure you’re supported when reading these articles. Please speak to your doctor if you’re worried about your health and Wellbeing.

Helen’s Story

Sarah’s Story

Delphi’s Story (Website Founder)

Tips for writing about your experience

Writing your story can be incredibly therapeutic as it’s an opportunity to describe how you truly felt at that time.  You may find though, when writing your story, you identify difficult conversations you may need to have with certain people or that talking things through with someone impartial may help.  Make sure you are fully supported through this process either with the help of a loved one or a professional counsellor who can help you articulate this particular part of your journey in a helpful way.

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Please speak to your doctor or midwife before deciding upon any form of action which may affect your health or if you have any concerns about your health and wellbeing.

© Delphi Ellis all rights reserved.


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