Everything and Doughnuts

Many women worry that as well as their anxiety about the pregnancy itself, their mood may be having an adverse affect on their baby in the womb.

My story of ante-natal depression may not be the worst on record, but it certainly wasn’t the mildest either.  All I can say is that my son is one of the happiest children I know.

He often tells jokes (“Why did the chicken cross the road? because he was being carried…”) and when asked what he wanted to buy from the supermarket he said ‘Everything and doughnuts’. I told him recently that he is so funny and he replied “I know, I can’t resist myself”.

As you can see from this picture which featured in the Daily Telegraph, he’s certainly got a lovely smile.

The concerns my son tends to show involve the environment (at the age of just five he asked (when seeing an empty discarded coke can outside) “Why do people not care about our Earth?” and he often drops philosophical titbits in to our conversations. His most powerful statement to date (again at the age of five) has been “You know where you are, when you know where you are”. In other words, you are only ever now, in this present moment.

Please remember that everyone is different.

If you’re worried about the impact your depression, stress or anxiety is having on your pregnancy have a chat with your midwife and/or doctor about it and consider positive treatment options available to help you in the meantime.

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